Internship Information

Athletic Department Internship Program

The Tyler Junior College Athletic Departments is proud to offer well-rounded internship experiences to future industry leaders.  Since 2005, interns have served as a remarkable resource and have supported many of the Athletic Department areas.  As a result, various opportunities within the academic and sport management community have stemmed from the experiences gained while at Tyler Junior College.

The internship opportunities we support vary by semester, events scheduled, and overall athletic department needs.  Despite being a non-paid internship setup, some interns have the opportunity to earn wages for game day or other special events depending on the hosted events.  Most interns are able to earn credits towards their undergraduate or graduate degrees while others use the experience in intercollegiate athletics to springboard other opportunities.


Click here for more information on the Athletic Department Internship Program (PDF - PPTX)


Interested candidates can inquire more information by contacting the Athletic Department at 903-510-2458 and downloading the following document that contains job description focus items, requirements and qualifications, and application instructions.

Click here for the Apache Athletics Internship Information and Application Process (pdf)


Previous Athletic Department Interns

  • Fall 2005:  Chuck Smith (Texas A&M University)
    • Current Associate Athletic Director at Tyler Junior College
  • Fall 2006:  Matt Phelps (Texas A&M University)
    • Current Associate Director - Athletic Academic Center at Texas State University
  • 2009 NJCAA Div 3 Baseball World Series:
    • Texas A&M University:  Brooke Blakeley, Annie Stoltenberg, Mike Teague, Amber Winger
  • Fall 2009:  Victor Gonzalez & Matthew Blando (Texas A&M University)
    • Notable Projects:  webcasting, initial SAAC formation
  • Spring 2010:  Josh Bragdon (Texas A&M University)
    • Notable Projects:  K's for Cancer
    • Current high school coach at Mt. Enterprise, TX
  • Summer 2010:  Price Ferguson (Texas A&M University)
    • Current Graduate Assistant Football Coach at Louisiana Tech University
  • 2011 NJCAA Div 3 Baseball World Series:
    • Texas A&M University:  Madison Stewart, Mike Teague, Barrett Buffington
    • Northwood University (TX):  Scotty Sandford
    • Notable:  Mike Teague is current Assistant Director of Media Relations at the NJCAA
  • 2012 NJCAA Div 3 Baseball World Series:
    • Texas A&M University:  Barrett Buffington, Aaron George, Meredith Smith
    • Western Kentucky University:  Cole Ayers
  • Spring 2013:  Jacob Kenna (Texas A&M University)
    • Notable Projects:  redesigned Apache Preview Day handout
  • 2013 NJCAA Div 3 Baseball World Series
    • Texas A&M University:  Barrett Buffington, Aaron George
    • University of Texas at Tyler:  Kelly Wilson
  • Summer 2013:  Barrett Buffington (Texas A&M University) & Kelly Wilson (Univ. of Texas at Tyler)
    • Notable Projects:  preparations for 2013-2014 seasons
  • Fall 2013:  Shelby Dillard (Texas A&M University)
    • Notable Projects:  NJCAA Div I Men's Soccer National Championshi
  • 2014 NJCAA Div 3 Baseball World Series:
    • Texas A&M University:  Barrett Buffington, Aaron George, Sara Scoarborough
  • Fall 2014:  Aaron George (Texas A&M University)
    • Notable Projects:  redesign binder for game day setups
  • Fall 2015:  Jack Robinson (Texas A&M University)
    • Notable Projects:  enhanced game day setup binders with video instructions
  • Spring 2016:  Zameon Lewis (Texas A&M - Commerce)
    • Notable Projects:  reorganized athletic department scholarship book room and donation of out-of-edition books