Due to projected damaging weather conditions on  and near the Texas coastline, San Jacinto College is closed Friday, August 25 - Sunday, August 27 and all activities and functions (including volleyball and men's soccer travel) are canceled during this time.

The following schedule updates are for Volleyball's Rose City Classic and Men's Soccer hosting San Jacinto College vs Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College.

Updated:  Aug. 24 (9:00pm)

                                FRIDAY, AUGUST 25th
                        Court 1                              Court 2  
10:00a             Hill vs Temple                    Navarro vs NCTC
12:00p             Tyler vs Hill                        Panola vs NCTC                 
  2:00p             Navarro vs West Plains
  4:00p             Tyler vs West Plains                                                                                              

                              SATURDAY, AUGUST 26th  
                         Court 1                              Court 2
  9:00a             Panola vs Navarro              NCTC vs West Plains
11:00a             Temple vs Panola                Navarro vs Hill
  1:00p             Tyler vs Temple                   NCTC vs Hill


Men's Soccer hosting San Jacinto vs MGCCC has been cancelled for Friday, August 25th with no host make up date/time available.