Thirty-seven Tyler Junior College student-athletes were named to the Region XIV All-Academic Team, the region announced this week.  In order to be nominated for the award, a student-athlete had to meet four minimum qualifications:

1.            Must have completed at least 36 hours of college work of courses that lead towards a degree.    Developmental courses are                                not included.

2.            Must have an accumulative grade point average of 3.25 or better on a 4.0 scale of non-developmental courses only.

3.            Must have participated in at least one season at the varsity level at the college from which he/she is nominated.

4.            Must have lettered on one or more sports recognized by the Region XIV Athletic Conference.

The Tyler Junior College student-athletes named to the All-Academic Team are:


Name                                                                  Sport

Ryan Lawhon                                                 Baseball

Colton Whitehouse                                         Baseball

Daniel Boque                                                 Baseball

Jacob Gorby                                                  Baseball

Beau Buesing                                                Baseball

Travis French                                                Baseball

James Kuykendall                                         Baseball

Trevor Grabarkewitz                                      Baseball

Justin Roach                                                Baseball

Luke Boyd                                                   Baseball

Garrett Hudson                                             Baseball

Austin Tambellini                                          Baseball

John Gillett                                                  Baseball

Jairo Ruiz                                                   Men's Soccer

Christoph Schneuwly                                   Men's Soccer

Yuria Mitare                                                Men's Soccer

Riley McLeod                                              Women's Soccer

Jessica McLeod                                          Women's Soccer

Cassidy Crumblin                                        Women's Soccer

Kie Asai                                                     Women's Soccer

Jessica Chaveriro                                       Women's Soccer

Christina Hendershoot                                 Women's Soccer

Ana Lesmes                                              Women's Soccer

Cameron Brown                                          Men's Golf

Kimberly Beveridge                                     Women's Golf

Bo Young Park                                           Women's Golf

Chris Anders                                              Men's Tennis

Michelle Walker                                          Women's Tennis

Jaqwan McCauley                                       Men's Basketball

Aron Dobbins                                              Football

Marquez Byrd                                             Football

Jack Berry                                                  Football

Sosaia Moss                                               Football

Kullen Davis                                                Football

Gysell Zayas                                               Volleyball

Ronnie Fountain                                            Volleyball

Halee Brewer                                                Volleyball